November 1792

Fast forward from the last post – I have lived, died and have miraculously been able to watch over the events now happening in France. I was expecting the afterlife – heaven, the crème de la crème, right? Mais non! I’ve thought and thought for most of my life, so I am to stick around and think some more while watching these events. And the French, they have not been idle.

Ah, if only I had been born later into history! I dearly wish to take part in this. King Louis XVI is attempting to keep control of France, but with the rising bread prices and pitiful economic state he cannot keep the people placated for long. In my day the country was in debt, yes, but we had been borrowing money… I suppose all the previous wars intensified the problem. Naturally, the King (why should I call him King? I am not under his rule anymore) and some of the nobles are hoarding grain, raising it’s price as well, likely. In defense of Louis-Auguste (that is his name, and I shall not call him King), he has played both sides with a nimble hand. Louis-Auguste has been forced to recall the Estates-General; however, the old system was unfairly divided betwixt classes, or estates, and the National Assembly was formed in its place. Louis-Auguste refused to recognize its authority but continued to give off mixed signals: locking the National Assembly out of meeting place one day, but celebrating the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille the next.

Journal, it has been many years since I wrote in you last, but it is difficult learning how to manipulate worldly objects when you are non-corporeal. Let us quickly skip over the next few events to get to where I am today. After the women’s march in Versaille, Louis-Auguste placed himself firmly against the revolutionaries and fled from the Tuileries Palace disguised as a servant. The so-called king made a foolish excuse to preserve his honor, claiming he was attempting to prove to those against the Revolution that he wasn’t a complete prisoner of the Revolutionaries. The National Assembly compromised with Louis-Auguste to accept the excuse if he signed the new constitution, a well-played move to tip the scales in favour of the revolutionaries. As war was declared on the Austrians (in favour of continuing Louis-Auguste’s reign), sans-culottes gathered in Paris and formed clubs in favour of a Republic. They arrested and deposed the Louis-Auguste, rendering the constitution invalid – which leads to where I am now.

After Louis-Auguste was FINALLY deposed, a national convention has been called to write a new constitution, make a system of rules to retain order until it is ready, and somehow deal with Louis-Auguste in the short term. In my opinion, Louis-Auguste was never the true sovereign of France. Every single citizen makes up the one whole of the country, the ‘Sovereign’ of France: with a single one missing it is no longer valid. He has caused enough trouble already, and should simply be banned from taking place in any political action in France: have his titles stripped, take away his wealth and property and reduce him to an ordinary working citizen of France. Judge him for his crimes against the people, the fraud and his attempts to suppress the voices of the people of France just as you would any other citizen. The leaders of the convention are quibbling – arguing over petty matters like who should be tried: monarchy as an institution or Louis-Auguste himself? To me the answer is clear: monarchies have worked well in other countries, so there is nothing wrong with the system. It is Louis-Auguste who is guilty!

And this was proved just yesterday. This moment will be remembered in history, the damnation of the King! He has been found to have an iron chest in his chambers, containing letters from his exiled ministers and bodyguards. He has been plotting with them to reinstate himself on throne. Had François Gamain, the Versailles locksmith who had installed it, not gone to Paris and told one of the Girondinist ministers about the locked chest, Louis-Auguste might have escaped from his crimes. The trial is to start in December, and finally I am seeing France take definitive action without their old ‘King’. Equality, Liberty and Fraternity, and long live France!