As the years have passed, I have seen the aboriginal condition only worsen. We do not have the rights that the white men enjoy, nor the power to bargain for any sort of deal. The treaties continue to sell our land, without regard for the people and where they will hunt and live. The white people invade our land even where there are no treaties, and force us out of our own home. Much of Eastern Canada is colonized, and now I hear that the Atlantic colonies are joining East and West Canada to form a dominion – the Dominion of Canada.

Oh Aboriginal peoples; we have been divided for far too long. When separate, the Englishmen can invade our land and squash our culture. But together, we can stand against them. They do not want a full-blown war when they are still afraid of the US attacking. They no longer have the protection of the British Kingdom. Now is the time to join together.

The Metis are included in this invitation, if they wish to join. They are of our blood, and also face discrimination and lack of rights. We will always have a place for our Metis brothers and sisters here. But many Metis have families with European blood, usually French. They will not want to split up their family. Neither would I force them to choose between their family and their heritage. When my mother’s tribe moved, my father left his tribe to go with her, rather than force her to choose between her love and her family. It shall be the same with out confederation. French people who are married to Aboriginals will be allowed to live in our new country with their families. In fact, I would welcome these mixed-race families as important alliances between the Aboriginals and the French.

The French share many of our struggles and grievances. They do not like the British much, either. Like us, they wish to preserve their culture and people in this new and changing world. We both want more rights, and the opportunity to keep our own languages and traditions. We can form a alliance with them, in East Canada. We will trade with them. Metis peoples will be able to travel between East Canada and Aboriginal lands freely, without the British urging them to settle down and become “civilized”. We will celebrate our diversity and stand up for each other. Let not the British set us against each other, like a pack of dogs fighting over a piece of meat. The pack finds more meat when they hunt together!

Our confederation will have its headquarters in Manitoba, where we are close to the French and Metis, who trade furs.The land originally belonged to the Aboriginals, then France – British is but its most recent owner. It is high time for the French and Aboriginals to rally together and take back what has been stolen from us.

In Manitoba, we have large, established trading networks, and a chance to finally have the freedom and equality we deserve. Our borders will be those same borders that we have had for years, the water which is too wide to cross and the skies, which we cannot fly. The land will be shared by all aboriginals, and those who wish to join our union. Remember the word shared. This means it is not mine, or yours, but ours. No one can sell it, nor sign treaties of it, without consulting everyone else in the country! The only places that we cannot go are those where the British and Americans will kill us. When one of our tribes is attacked, we all will respond to their call. When one of us has a bountiful harvest, we all reap the reward. We will share our wisdom with each other, our art and our trades, and lend our strengths to each others weakness. Such is the nature of the word shared.