Picture of me beneath my "tent" at my learning center  Thank you for the picture Waleed!
Picture of me beneath my “tent” at my learning center
Thank you for the picture Waleed!

After Night of the Notables, I was exhausted. My throat was dry, I wanted to sleep and my feet hurt. But it was also fantastic and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. As I left the school at 10:45pm or so, I wasn’t very coherent but I do remember having a distinct thought: Now that Night of the Notables is over -after a long month of preparation, research and creation- now that we’re done, what do I do? I’m not ready to move on to the next project yet, but Eminent is OVER for this year. What now?

Luckily, we have Night of the Notables reflections, self evaluations, and a weekend to tide us over for rest and recovery. The general opinion of NotN (Night of the Notables), as I gathered, was that it was a success. I thought that it went quite well with the Grade 10’s having their speeches first, as afterwards they seemed more relaxed as they presented thier learning centers.

Learning Centers! Do I have a lot to say about you! First of all, I’d like to say everyone had really cool ideas for learning centers, which mostly involved recreating a place or atmosphere that was strongly connected to their Eminent person. I found it was really useful to find a certain period of time and stick to it – for example, the 10’s were all in the same time period as their speeches’ point of view was from. I positioned myself at what I thought was one of Lady BP’s best moments: her first world camp in 1924, at Foxlease. It was the first time all these girls had the chance to meet other guides around the world, and there was a very good turnout. When guests walked by my learning center, I wanted them to get a sense of the legacy that Lady Baden Powell left behind, which lives on today and will hopefully keep running for many years. To achieve this effect, I positioned both old and new relics of Lady Baden Powell together, such as her old medals and a beach ball from 2 years ago that celebrated the 100th anniversary of Guiding. I also had a display featuring U.K. Girl Guide work in the second World War, because I  found quite a lot of information about that while researching. I think many people were surprised by the amount that the girls contributed to the war effort. If I could do one thing differently, I would have changed my entrance to my learning center. I had originally hoped that the fact there was a tent over the entrance would encourage people to come in and see what was behind it by making them curious. However, I think many people saw the tent as a barrier and stayed on the other side of it. Removing the tented entrance would have made my center seem more open and accessable, and I may have gotten more visitors.

Other than that, NotN went very smoothly – much more so than I thought, considering the amount of people constantly coming and going throughout speeches. I didn’t mess up the house lights, which made me happy and very, very relieved. I was worried I’d accidentally swipe them or lower them too fast and plunge the audience into sudden darkness, but it all worked out fine. The last thing I want to rememeber about NotN is the Star Wars theme song, playing majestically in the background – and Fiona’s

Modern Girl Guide Uniform taken by me
Modern Girl Guide Uniform taken by me
Lady BP's Personal standard, at long last.
Lady BP’s Personal standard, at long last.

rats climbing all over the heads of my friends and I.