So it starts – In-depth, the highly anticipated choice project which TALONS actively completes over five months.

For my In-depth project, I’ve decided to combine two of my passions: Filmmaking and Music.

How, you may ask? Well, I wasn’t that sure about the how-to for quite a while, but I think I’ve found a way to make it work. I’m going to try and create a film, and then record a soundtrack to go with it. Depending on how it pans out, I may have to either make only the film or only the soundtrack. Hopefully there’ll be time for both though! I’m using Sony’s Movie Studio 12 software to edit the film, so I downloaded that on my computer yesterday which went fine. Except for the 3D tiling package, which didn’t work out. So no 3D scenes for me (darn).

The most problematic part of this setup is my mentor. I don’t currently know any people who create films and then produce soundtracks for them. I do know one person who could help me with playing music for the soundtrack, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to meet with them weekly.

Right now, I am gathering ideas on what to make the short film about, and locations for shooting. The subject of the film is what’s giving me  trouble: I need to find something I’ll like doing for five months but is simple enough to complete outside of school time. If anyone has any cool ideas that they’ve always wanted to see in a movie, I’m open to suggestions! The other problem I have is that in my past experience of film-making, actors have always been in short supply.  It is very doubtful I will be able to find any actors who are availlable and flexible in their time schedules, so that will also impact my film a lot. Most of the soundtrack will be composed of flute, violin and voice/ voice over. I’m toying with the idea of making a music video, but I still need to look at more options.

The many parts of a violin, courtesy of
The many parts of a violin, excluding the bow, courtesy of

Something I came across while looking into this type of project was the Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival’s T24 challenge. (Link here)There’s an absolutely incredible thing going on right now as I speak. Teams of Toronto’s youth have gathered to participate in making 7-10 minute films that show different sides of Toronto as a city- and here’s the catch- they have to finish in 24 hours. Personally, this is super exciting for me because I’ll be able to see the work of others who had a similar task as to what I will attempt to do now. Except that these teams are to be commended for being able to do what will take me at least 4 months in 24 hours. Wow.

My goal is to compose one original piece of music on the violin, and learn to perform and play other songs I think would fit well with the film. I’ll also probably use loops of music to forms parts of songs and create a fuller-sounding soundtrack. Some modern composers that I look up to are Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, Christophe Beck and John Powell. These composers all composed music for film scores such as Lord of the Rings, The Lion King, How to Train Your Dragon, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif, etc. The first few moments of Christophe Beck’s song, Elsa and Anna(from Frozen), show what I would someday aspire to do. Of course, my first few attempts at composition will likely be variations on Twinkle Twinkle little star, I hope to learn more about this beautiful art form.

There you have it! My In-Depth topic area and all the strange little bits of a project I have floating around right now. My goal for next blog post is to have come up with an idea and partially storyboarded plan of the film aspect, and to practice my violin to a song from a movie to get the feel of the kind of sound I should listen for.  If all goes to plan, I look forwards to doing what I love!