So, in my previous post, I stated that I wanted to have a mentor by, well, last Sunday. Today and yesterday,I got emails back from the two people I had contacted about a week an a half ago. Unfortunately,the artist I emailed is in the process of moving houses, and the other person I emailed was part of an organization that may be able to help me find artists. As part of my plan, I went to a local drop-in class about recycled art; however, not only did I find there was no there who could mentor me, I also found that I was the only one who showed up! What a weird experience I had, standing alone in a huge, open art hall making a mason-jar lantern. I’m going to a leadership clinic in February, where I may have the chance to talk to a recycled artist doing a presentation. So, I’m going to follow up with the emails and keep searching for artists. However, I’m thinking of asking one of my friends if their parents could help me out, because I know someone who dabbles in jewelry.

Because of the above reasons, it’s a little difficult for me to answer our on how to agree, how to disagree, and how to differ. These questions will be answered more in-depth when I’m able to speak with my mentor (or really, any recycled artist). For now, I will answer as much as possible. I cannot say anything of how I have disagreed , agreed or differed with my mentor, but I can speculate that the most challenging part of this process will be to find a balance between my ideas and what is within my ability to do. For example, I have many metal objects that I would like to use in my work, but I currently don’t have the tools or knowledge to shape and work with this material. Thus, I probably will not be agreeing or disagreeing with my mentor about much, but rather trying to intake as much new knowledge as possible. I think my questions would mostly be how-to questions, which, though open-ended fishing questions, are still rather specific. The most important part will be communicating to my mentor exactly what I want to do. For this, I’ll need to have a solidly thought-out idea in my mind, and be very descriptive of what I want the end product to be like.¬†Another important thing to consider is suggestions from my mentor. I will not agree blindly with everything my mentor suggests, but I may ask questions to understand why they are making the suggestion, and better understand what they mean. However, seeing as my mentor will be more experienced and able than I am, I will¬†consider all of my possibilities before coming to a decision with my mentor. This should make it easier to work with my mentor, and certainly easier to communicate effectively. Now I just need to find a mentor!

Below are some pictures of the stuff I’ve gathered over the past two weeks for this project. It’s mostly come from my own house, although there are several materials that the TALONS program allowed me to use from previous years of Kinetic Art. When taking stock of what I had, I put a couple pieces together just to see what it would look like, and came up with a couple of ideas. Maybe I can develop them into full-fledged works of art over the next month.

The man in the moon. (showerhead piece and misc. plactic circle) I don’t really know what I’m doing here… maybe this can become something about space junk?
This looks kind of like an owl… if you squint. Medium: Plastic casing, pop can, and face of a lock.
A…vase? made from a wine bottle? And old electric plugs? I think it was mostly just cool to see the translucent nature of the wine bottle.
This photo came out a lot better than expected, it’s basically just a bunch of lids in a metal container, but because the lids aren’t perfectly centered inside each other, it looks kinda cool.
The full extent of my haul – I will be using the above materials over the next few months. This stuff will be saved from the landfills!