The past weekend, I went to my first violin recital! Right after the Minnikhada hike…and I still got there on time, which was good. I sucessfully played my piece with only one minor mistake, which the audience thankfully didn’t notice at all. I’m progressing into slides now, and going back and orth between all of the positions. I’m working on exercises with Heather out of the book she found for me, so I may upload a few if those in the future if I have time.

I have been busy in the meanwhile! I recorded a sound effect (here)and made a thing with Multiple layers. I’m calling it a thing because it’s not really a song or melody or rythmn but more of an experiment I’m trying out. Also my filming will be starting in earnest over the easter weekend. I’ve got a couple of snippets here and there, but I need to go and buy a nice big SD card for my camera because the one I have now is only good for 1 min 10 seconds of video before it gets full. Anyhow, I’ll be doing some nature shots in the garden hopefully, but I was wishing for the sunny days to last for better filming! I suppose I’ll be filming from under an umbrella now – maybe I’ll enlist a family member to help hold it up so I can still work the camera easily. I most likely will not be posting my film shorts – I’m thinking of showing some nature shots focusing mainly on the music at In Depth and then, jus for me, a bit of a longer film sequence that might actually have a plot, which I’ll probably have to share outside of In-depth night. . We’ll see how it goes, modifications may ensue. In any case, I’ve come a long way from where I started. This is what I was playing about 2-3 weeks in, and this is what I’m playing it like now. Except for the sound quality, (there are some high-pitched ringing noises that I couldn’t stop the computer from picking up) I can tell that my bowing and timing have improved drastically. The one thing I’d like to continue working on is keeping my bow straight as possible when doing long bows – another thing I improved on, as now I am using the entire bow instead of just the middle section. I’m looking forwards to do some more experimenting on the violin, so expect some sounds that are “as original as possible in a world where everything is a remix” at In-Depth.



-nature shots now that weather’s warm