So, my learning center! Well… I think most likely I will be doing a presentation instead of a actual learning center, but I’m not quite sure how the sound system in the multi purpose room works. I’ll be asking around the grade ten classmates, probably Sean M., about how using the projector screen and sound for In-depth last year  worked out to figure out in more detail what it will be set up like. I’ve talked to Jackson about whether or not he is doing a presentation like mine: he is, so we can work together to figure this out. For sure I will need: (* marks something I will be bringing)

The projector and screen

* Laptop (if there is a stationary computer hooked up to the projector I will bring a USB)

Power outlet for my laptop

I need few things compared to having an actual center being set up, which is quite nice. I will try to make a finished product out of what I have filmed so far – I expect it to be like a mini-movie: basically something with most of the aspects of a movie but taking place within about 1 minute, 30 seconds. It’ll start with a 30 second or less montage I was talking about earlier, and progress onto a slow, nature-based violin piece for about 45 seconds showing a strange situation the main character had got themselves into, and with the remaining 15 seconds will turn into a quick, upbeat number only to end with a surprising twist. I need to upload all of my clips and start editing them so I can write music that will fit what’s on the screen time-wise, and I’ll have to share some of the videos outside of In-Depth night to show what I’ve been doing; while I may not post for a couple of weeks, I’ll probably upload a link to some finished video clips by late May/June depending how fast I can figure out YouTube uploading after In-Depth night. I’m looking forwards to see the projects my classmates have been working on!