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Here is a visual interpretation of my thoughts about Eminent using Microsoft Paint (which, although silly, is an experience in itself)


As a ninth grade TALONS student, this is my first time doing the Eminent Person project. I’ve heard it’s really hard, I’ve heard it’s really fun, and I’ve heard it’ll change the way you think about everyday life: I’ve also heard these are all true at once. In this odd picture, the reddish plant symbolizes how I feel this project unfurling and how I would like to grow with it. I hope this project will enlighten me to new ideas, as I can already tell it is taking me in many directions. Facing this milestone is a little bit like being at the top of a roller coaster – so far, we’ve been going at a slow comfortable pace and now I’m staring down at everything before me, excited but apprehensive as well… all I can say is I’m glad to come along for the ride.


Fast forward  one year.


And now it’s grade 10. It’s exciting to see the new energy in the TALONS room with the fresh recruits (ahem, grade nines), and my excitement of discovering new eminent people nearly balances out my fear of not doing my person justice. But hey, as the wise Mr. Jackson says, fear and excitement are nearly the same thing.

One thing I’d like to see happen this year: I want to get to know my classmate’s eminent people, hear more about them and what they did. I feel like eminent is such a great opportunity to expand your world view, it’s like being in your classroom with not only your classmates, but their eminent people as well. I was watching a slam poem the other day (for the slam poetry unit) and it talked about how people that were already dead came to life (figuratively) again when people learned about them and told their stories. And while it can get pretty crazy with 28 people in one class, I’m scared/excited (scarexcited?) to see what it will be like with 56.

This time round, I want to make a connection with my eminent person – Like Alison said, I think I treated like an assignment I just had to do earlier. Given the chance to try again, I want to find a person whose glow of fame may have faded, and bring them back into the picture. I feel like a lot of people get temporarily famous, and then disappear into the inky depths of the past. Just like the earth’s ocean is nearest to us and still largely undiscovered, I think the past is a place that people rarely explore for fun. However, we can gain a lot of wisdom from our past, which is why eminent is such a valuable experience. I hope to gain some wisdom from my study of choice, to expand my worldview and explore new issues which I may otherwise have never come across – it’s weird to think that someone could devote their entire life to one issue, while other people may die without ever hearing of it.

So: taking meaningful risks, improving public speaking skills, finding new perspectives,  changing the male-dominated pool of “eminent people” into one a teensy bit more equal one talons student at a time – let’s do it!

And that’s all for now, folks.