So far in socials, we’ve done our Eminent Person study, a Canadian Confederation role play, and a bit about Canada and current events on the side. Many of these projects used web tools such as blogging, tweeting, Google charts, etc., so I wanted to do something online and graphic for my Midterm! Lacking the time to create a collage (and lacking photo-editing software I wanted to use), which was my first idea, I decided to do a prezi instead! Prezis remind of mind-maps or graphic organizers, but online, so I created this prezi:

I’m excited to keep learning about Canada and carry on discussing current events and cool ideas with my friends and family, and researching areas that I’m interested in. Here’s to thriving, not just surviving, through the rest of socials!


-Sorry for the lateness of this post. I still can’t figure out how to embed prezis!-