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Annotated Biblography

See what the teachers did there? Annotated Biblography – haha. Here is my complete list of resources that I used to delve into the depths of Lady Baden Powell’s life. A short history of Guiding and Scouting, some interesting quotes and pictures. There’s not much in-depth here though, and the main focus is clearly not Lady BP. This was useful because it has directions to a timeline, but.. Read More

Night of the Notables Reflection

After Night of the Notables, I was exhausted. My throat was dry, I wanted to sleep and my feet hurt. But it was also fantastic and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. As I left the school at 10:45pm or so, I wasn’t very coherent but I do remember having a distinct thought: Now that Night of the Notables is over -after a long month of preparation, research and.. Read More

Document of Learning

To document my learning so far, I’ve decided to talk about struggles with my learning center and a brief highlight of Alison’s progress in her Eminent project. Alison’s blog can be found here, and you should probably check it out because it’s just swell.  I’m also looking for some suggestions about scarves at the bottom of the post, and it would be lovely if anyone had time to comment. Learning.. Read More

Eminent Interviews – a kickstart

This will be a lengthier post, so I’ll provide a directory at the beginning, and you may skip to whichever parts you wish. It will be a guide to the interviewing process as well as a reflection on my interview. 1- How to get an Interview 2- Preparing Questions 3- Conducting your Interview 4- Reflection on my Interview 1- How to Get an Interview Not everyone will be able to.. Read More

Excursion to Downtown Vancouver

In today’s trip, I felt I gleaned a bit more information about what it means to explore something. If you have ever seen the pictures of climbers atop their favourite mountain, surrounded by wilderness, then you may be able to picture my own day, surrounded by newfound knowledge. The Vancouver Public Library: built after the circular shape of the Roman Coliseum, this is my favourite place to make a day trip.. Read More

Lady Olave Baden Powell

Lady Baden Powell is the eminent person I will be studying for the next four weeks. In my opinion, she is a fantabulous person who showed persistence and dignity while struggling against gender inequality; she helped empower many girls and provided a strong female role model for them. Born in 1889, Mrs. Baden Powell was an Englishwoman. Her father was a brewer and artist, and because he moved from place to.. Read More