A quote from the times when I still walked the earth. Recent events have left me dizzy – not from the fast-paced changes we are going through, but from constantly rolling in my grave. In this year of the confederation of Canada, I am now 54 years dead. If I still lived, I would be 99 years old – older than most of my audience, save you, Mr. Issac Brock, and perhaps a few others.

If you have never listened to me before, now is the time to change your ways. What I am about to say has no effect on me, in the Spirit World, but every effect on you and the growing nation of Canada. Let us put aside our past disputes for a moment.

Canada is a land of many resources. You have no doubt discovered this. The mining by Trois-Rivieres and the coal deposits show as much. The logging of the eastern forests show as much. The crushed rock and mineral debris leaching into the delta shows as much. If you continue this, the land will not be full of resources forever. This is an early warning. You are at the start of your nation, and have it in your power to build a country that protects not only its people, but its land from being destroyed.

Some would say I have been defeated, now that the Pan-Aboriginal Confederation has been shot down. But I am a warrior, and a warrior is never defeated. I once said, “Prepare a noble death song for the day you go over the Great Divide”. Well, this is my death song, and I hope it echoes for years after I am gone.

I thought only the Aboriginals could take care of this land. Prove me wrong! Mr, MacDonald, I have never wanted to be wrong more than this. I must fulfill my duty to my people, this land…and I suppose, our nation. European Canadians – do not let this new land die in your hands. By forming this nation, you have taken responsibility for the country. You most of all, Mr.MacDonald. Make good on your promises. Provide not just equality but fairness to the Canadian people! Aboriginals were once the majority race here. One day, the English may become a minority as well. We cannot afford to misuse our resources, be it governmental power or precious minerals.

Find alternative ways to develop your technology. Return everything back to the way you found it, instead of leaving tailings in the river. Talk to the Aboriginals, who know this land and all its secrets. Work with them, and follow their advice to look after it. I want to see this country prosper, and become great. Please do what I could not in my lifetime, and protect the land you have.

These are my last words before I leave on the great journey, to the land in the stars. No more will I speak with you, as I do in this temporary spirit state. I go to join my ancestors. Heed my advice, or pay the price – the choice is left to you. Remember me, and learn from the mistakes I suffered. Live to be proud of your deeds even after you have died, and my life will not have been in vain.