So, I had my first meeting with my mentor last night. I was a bit worried, because we’d never met before and I wasn’t entirely sure what would transpire that evening. But, “only good things” as I told myself, were about to occur. My mentor is an incredibly kind and generous person. She lives within a 15 minute drive for me, so she’s also quite local. When meeting with her, I brought along my space junk mobile and my milk jug jellyfish. She was super helpful with both of them – she lent me some ribbon that would work well with my jellyfish, a large metal ring to hang my mobile from, and a 2mm hole-punch to attach the ribbons. We agreed that hole-punch would work best, because you can’t sew through plastic, and glue tends to fall apart after a while. My mentor usually presents me with different ways to do things, or different materials to use. She tells me why she thought they could work, and then I tell her what I think would would be best to use, and why. Often, her experience is really valuable helping me decide what to do.

Two new things I did were:

  • Pulling apart copper wire
  • Dyeing cheesecloth navy blue

Cool things I saw:

  • six-ring masks
  • dragonflies (my mentor suggested I could make similar dragonflies with plastic bags instead of fabric – I might look into this)
  • birch bark and paper mache holders.

Next time I go over, I’ll ask to take some photos to upload here on the blog! I’m really looking forwards to recycled art all over again now that I’m working with another artist.